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. it will connect 370 to georgia avenue in montgomery county. >>> president obama will welcome the latest medal of freedom recipients to the white house. they include former president george h. w. bush, georgia congressman john lewis and angela murkel. >> the flyers will report their airlines. how well they're handling delays and treating you during the delays. the site is pushing for a passengers bill of rights. >>> also today, a lot of the redskins fans will probably be talking about the latest misadventures of albert haynesworth. >> the troubled defenseman is accused of sexually assaulting a waitress. she worked at the w hotel in northwest washington. >> that's where surae chinn is live this morning with both sides of the story. surae, good morning. >> good morning to you. yeah, folks will be talking about this redskins fan or not. it seems controversy surrounds and follows the 29-year-old defensive lineman and the latest scandal, apparently happened here at the w hotel in downtown d.c. and northwest. and the latest incident, police report doesn't say it happened either in the restaurant on
. a state hearing will be held tomorrow. >>> president obama will be talking with leaders of big business today. he will be speaking at the u.s. chamber of commerce. the president says washington and big business need to work together to fix the economy. >>> a sign that spring is near, moving fans will arrive at national park to load up before heading to florida. patchers and catchers report next week. >> here already. >>> also this morning, day 14 of the uprising in egypt. >> people are flooding the square. behind the scenes, the county's vice president is working to get things back to formal. >> surae chinn is live outside the embassy in northwest with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, mike and andrea, two weeks of demonstrations with no signs of letting up. there have been small protests outside the egyptian embassy and in front of the white house. even though egypt's president says he will not seek reelection in september, protestors say they will not stop demonstrating until president hosni mubarak steps down. the country's vice president was holding meetings with opposition lea
. >> remember last year when people from chicago made fun of us for how we dealt with snow? even president obama got some jabs in. this is what it looked like last night on lakeshore drive in the windy city. pe picked up almost 14 inches at o'hare airport. >>> the snow at o'hare along with dallas and philadelphia, new york, boston, all slowing down air traffic nationwide. >> jessica doyle is live at national airport. how do the departure monitors look right now, jessica? good morning. >> good morning to you guys. the departures inside reagan national airport, you can count over 40 cancellations so far this morning. and we're just getting started. if you're trial to get to cities such as chicago as you were talking about, boston, new york, dallas fort worth for the super bowl. you're going to have a lot of trouble today. now, we caught up with kathy grant who is from boston. she's trying to get to west virginia and i can tell you, it has been a tough trip so far. >> us airways canceled my flight that was supposed to take off from boston tomorrow morning at 6:00. connect through here at d.c. to g
? >> president barack obama ordered the justice department to stop defending the defense of marriage act or doma. that defines tradition marriage between a man and woman. attorney general eric holder says this, mike, the defense of marriage act as applied to same- sex couples who are legally married under state law violates the equal protection component of the fifth amendment. essentially saying that they can't defend it constitutionally. now, that letter was sent to senator john boehner. this comes as a win for gay rights advocates who say this could make a huge impact and change the landscape of the political debate but on the state level, that remains to be seen. >> it seems like this debate is going to continue because the republicans say listen, we really need to talk about jobs and the economy and -- >> and equal rights on top of that. >> this will go on if not heat up more. >> andrea? >> while you slept, the ferry evacuating americans out of libya was supposed to leave. but it got stuck in port because of the rough seas and heavy rains. it won't head to malta until at least tomorrow. th
and mike. >> president obama is calling to reduce the deficit by more than a trillion dollars over the next decade. among the cuts he is proposing, higher education pell grant programs and a bunch of others. john boehner is calling on the president to support the republican efforts to cut about $61 billion in this year's budget. >> egypt's new military rulers say they will run the country for 6 months or until the parliamentary and presidential elections are held. over the weekend the country's constitution has been suspended. the protesters successfully got mubarak out on friday. >>> elizabeth taylor will likely spend at least a few more days in the hospital in los angeles. she was admitted late last week with congestic heart failure, and taylor has been battling the heart condition since 2004. andrea. >> all day today, 9 news now is airing stories to keep you, your family, and very values safe and secure. as you get ready for work r you sure your car is outside for you when you are ready to leave. bruce lashan with how easy we are making it for our car to be gone when we leave. >> i hope
, february 4th. let's look ahead at what's happening today. president obama will be meeting with canadian prime minister stephen harper at the white house today. the two heads of state are expected to announce sweeping overhaul of canadian and u.s. border security as well as some corporation. >> this afternoon, the husband of injured congresswoman gabrielle giffords will announce whether he'll fly into space or stay on earth with his wife. captain mark kelly took leave as "endeavour's" commander after giffords was shot last month. >>> a jobs report is expected to be released to say they added people to payrolls last month but it is expected to have bad news as well. the unemployment rate rose to 9.5%. >>> the hunt is on for christian school administrator charged with sexually abusing a student. >> police are searching for this man. thomas wilson. he is the director of admissions at the washington christian academy in olney, maryland. >> surae chinn is live from the school this morning with the latest on the investigation. surae, good morning. >> good morning. well, that man was hired in a
:12. mike, andrea? >> thank you. let's get to some of the stories happening today. president obama head to the national naval medical center in bethesda. there, he will visit wounded warriors and their families. >>> today, d.c. mayor vincent gray will kick off the summer youth jobs program. it provides work for thousands of teens in the city but has been plagued by corruption and other problems in the last few years. >>> today marks the 66th year since marines raised the flag at iwo jima. there will be a wreath laying ceremony at the marine corps memorial. there will also be a flyover by fighter jets around 10:00 a.m. >> after more than half a century and one snow day, opening day is finally here. >> earlier this morning, the first part of the intercounty connector toll road opened in montgomery county. >> surae chinn joins us live from the road's eastern end at georgia avenue in olney. good morning. >> good morning to both of you. yeah, we've been seeing drivers right here coming through since about 3:30 this morning. take a look. they're the new drivers here on the brand new maryland
of the stories happening today. president obama will name a new federal courthouse for the late judge john roll. he was one of six people killed in the shootings in tucson last month. the courthouse in yuma, arizona, should open in the next few years. >>> tysons corner pretty much built for cars now but cyclists are meeting tonight to discuss tysons bike trail master plan. it begins at 7:00. joyce kilmer middle school. >> comedian bill cosby will be in town to be recognized as an honorary chief petty officer in the navy. he was in the navy serving in quantico and bethesda naval hospital. today's ceremony is at 10:30 at the navy memorial. >>> also coming up today, aaa will be speaking about just how much we're all paying for gas. >> it is on the rise! you probably know that. nationwide, prices are at their highest levels in nearly two and a half years. >> surae chinn is live in tysons corner with a look at why the prices are so high and why they're expected to stay there. good morning, surae. >> good morning to both of you. we've been talking to folks gassing up. they're not too happy about what
will meet with president obama this afternoon. the big topic of discussion of course, the unrest in libya. >> the crew of discovery conducts its first spacewalk today. two astronauts will step out just after 11:00 this morning. the spacewalk is planned to go on for about six hours. >> there may be no such thing as a free lunch but there sure is a free breakfast. general mills outside of union station. 7:30 to 9:30 this morning. >>> a washington, dc police officer is recovering after being hit by a car. >> this happened while he was investigating another accident overnight on the key bridge. the officer is expected to survive. >> while you slept the bridge was shut down for the investigation. the officer was hit after getting out of his cruiser the driver who hit him stayed on the scene no word yet on charges against the driver but the span of the key bridge is open in both directions. >>> the clock is ticking towards midnight friday. >> that is when the federal government will shut down putting hundreds of thousands of people out of work unless of course the budget deal is reached. >>
.r.s. system is out of date with the obama tax law. when will i be able to file? >> well, jessica's advice is to see your tax preparer and do all of your taxes. they'll be held until monday, february 14th. that's when the i.r.s. processes them. but you don't have to wait until then if you don't want to. >> every thursday for the next couple of months, tax tip thursday is going to be right here on the morning show on 9 must now. send your questions in by e- mail. the address, financial 411 at wusa9.com. or you can post your questions on our facebook page at facebook.com/wusa9. >>> it is 6:11. here is a look at what's coming your way in this hour of 9news now. >> in four minutes a health alert. the truth about new organic tea. which fans say has some amazing health benefits. >> what is that smell? at 6:35, back and forth lanes between maryland and west virginia. >> up next, howard has your thursday forecast. weather first just 90 seconds away. >>> 6:13. still some clouds around. watch out for slick spots south of town and southeast where there was a little bit of snow last night. 28 by 9:00
for homes and $350 fines for businesses. >>> president obama will be having lunch today with top congressional republicans. congressman and house majority leader eric kantor. the focus of the meeting, jobs and the economy. >>> also montgomery county school teacher will go before a judge. >> first grade teacher is accused of choking and punching students in her first grade class. >> the woman's name is susan lee burke. she teaches at greencastle elementary in silver spring, maryland. burke was put on administrative leave in january when a boy came forward claiming he was assaulted. after that, police say eight more victims came forward claiming they had been kicked, punched, scratched and choked. parents are understandably upset. >> we don't expect this to happen to your kids when you're at work. it is ridiculous. >> i think i would be doing something legal. >> the county school system released this statement... >>> while you slept, police say a man killed his wife in their apartment. >> a short while later, officers say the same man called police and turned himself in. >> the wom
of the hour. some of the stories that are happening today. president obama will be in oregon. he was in california yesterday. today, he goes up to oregon. he will visit and tour an intel facility this afternoon. part of his push for innovative ideas to spur job creation across the nation. >> the leaders of the district, montgomery and prince george's county meets today. baker, gray and leggett will sit down in silver spring to talk about how they can cooperate to tackle common issues. >> maryland governor martin o'malley will be holding a youth inaugural event in college park. it was originally scheduled for last month before the actual inauguration but it was canceled because of bad weather. >>> metro is giving out a final warning about some weekend track work. >> it is going to shut down two stations and cut the blue and orange lines in half. >> surae chinn is live outside one of the stations to tell you what you need to know. good morning. >> good morning. yes, the trains are running right now through the rush hour but it is going to be a different story come tonight. and that
, mike? >>> thank you monika. the stop of the hour -- top of the hour. president obama will be welcoming the nation's governors, the democratic governors to the white house at 11:00. the group includes maryland governor o'malley. >> bill cosby will be honored today in massachusetts and receive an award from tupps university for his work in children's media. >>> the washington home and garden show gets into full swing and it opens this morning. 9:00 a.m. at dulles expo center and be there through the weekend. >>> also today the united nations security council will meet to discuss the situation in libya. >> should something be done to stop the violence there? >> hundreds of americans there are awaiting to evacuate to malta. anti-government forces have captured most of libya's main cities, but forces loyal to gadhafi are holding on to libya. he blamed osama bin laden for the uprising. >>> gas prices are moving up and they're moving up fast. surae chinn is live in georgetown where the gas prices there this morning surae? >> reporter: well, good morning, andrea, gas prices here at this partic
, let's get to some of the stories happening today. president obama, the first lady and vice president biden will attend the national prayer breakfast this morning. the annual event is held at the washington hilton. >> it is a big day for gadget geeks. verizon will start taking free orders for its version of the iphone. the phones officially go on sale a week from today. >>> maryland governor martin o'malley will deliver his fifth state of the state address at noon. he'll reportedly focus on how to spur job growth while continuing to boost the state's use of renewable energy, cybersecurity and other high tech sectors. >>> new this morning, a police officer is hurt in a car crash. this is serving as a warning for everyone. >> be on the lookout for black ice. it is out there. i found some this morning. this is the end result of the crash overnight in clinton, maryland. a prince george's county officer was hurt when his patrol car hit black ice on steed road and hit a telephone pole. the officer should be ok. >>> here's news thousands of people who went days without power do not want to
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14